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TIMEOUT Recommendation: to the lazer cave this Saturday

to the lazer cave return for their 4th birthday!! 

We're very excited to be working with the guys over at to the lazer cave!!

The boys are back at ICan Studios this weekend for their 4th birthday and it is definitely not a night to miss!!

"It is the light in the dark night sky that signals the arrival of the lazer cave... the intense energy and curious sounds which leas us to it... the glistening core and the extraordinary experiences that await inside...where the lazer cave comes from no one knows but when it does, what is the best thing to do? Get inside it and have a freak'n party of course! YES. Night lords and disco warriors it is time to awaken, we have received the signal, it is time to return TO THE LAZER CAVE 4th Birthday WAREHOUSE PARTY XII."

"It’s back and we invite you to join us in experiencing the inner working of the cave...That means throwing a sick party and getting totally loose to the heaviest cosmic beats this side of Hackney. Get ready for a seriously stonking episode that is going to have you walking sideways and covered in glitter till Easter. AND YES this party is extra special as we celebrate our 4TH BIRTHDAY PARTY - This means cracking some serious budget to orchestrate the most pumped experiential rave we've ever thrown."

Very limited advanced tickets available here

This week's Time Out...

Check out their DISCO DIGITS:

8702 mixtape plays on Soundcloud
8640 cans of Red Stripe drunk (3.8 tonnes)
2314 cans of cider drunk (1.2 tonnes)
5,857 tickets bought
2376 people who've followed us on social media
707 litres of spirits drunk
378 rolls of tin foil given away
87 litres of smoke machine fluid up in smoke
72 team meetings
48% tickets bought by women (average)
40 lazers purchased
37 kilos of silver confetti up in the air
25 friends who volunteered to help
23 hour after party (lazer cave team record)
22 guest DJs
14 events
13 hours average set up time per party
11 warehouse parties
10 mixtapes
8 venues
5 lazer cave organisers
4 festivals
3 resident DJs
2 Watts - average size of lazer cave primary display laser
1 mission to do things differently
0 pounds taken as profit

Time Out says:

"This warehousey party in east London combines tacky '70s B-movie references with hi-NRG disco, cosmic house and electro, with resident space cadets providing the tunes. There'll be thousands of laser beams at every turn, special effects, actors getting into character, makeup artists to transform you into a cosmic disco warrior and a laser maze. If you didn't get it before, these guys really like lasers. To sum up, imagine a Buck Rogers-themed party held at Laser Quest with sweatbox disco and cosmic funk soundtrack."

Order your tickets here



Undergound Supper Club: Five-Star Dining, Underground Prices

Basement Galley - back with a set of monthly pop-ups

The Underground Supper Club 2014 

Kicking off 2014, the guys at Basement Galley have put together a set of events starting on the 31st of January (which is already sold out!) and running every month this year. 

We're very happy to be working closely with Basement Galley and strongly recommend getting down to one of the sittings - definitely an experience like no other!

Expect to see delicious dishes such as celeriac & garlic cream with duck bacon, sweet chestnut mousse with blueberry ice cream and, of course, Basement Galley's trademark fizzy G&T jelly.

Each dish in the typically five-or six-course menu is carefully designed to complement each of the others.

Limited tickets are available - £38 per person (all drinks extra) book here 

Next Event - Feb. 7th



Staff Pick Of The Week: RELAPSE are back to MCR!


RELAPSE IS BACK!!! After two hugely successful nights at Sound Control, they are very pleased to announce that they are bringing the world famous THERAPY SESSIONS to Manchester for the first time in over seven years for what is sure to be a groundbreaking collaborative night!!

They been listened to what you guys want – the event will run for seven hours and for the first time in Relapse history, there will be two reinforced rooms open for the duration of the night: showcasing the very finest in Drum & Bass, Jungle, Breakcore, Crossbreed, Dubstep and Future Beats! 

Our guys will be there for sure....make sure you join is!  

Tickets: here