Drawing up reports can be a laborious and arduous process… not any more!

We recently launched our new reporting feature, changing the ways in which our partners can view the success of their shows and break down their ticket sales.

With three different reporting formats, there’s a statistical informant to suit everyone.

You can see your sales summary in a graph, in a pie chart or written out longhand in a traditional sales report.

You can choose the length of your reporting period so you can easily see the results from that week, the month, that quarter avoiding the need to collate spreadsheets or morosely count out ticket stubs.  

The new reporting feature also allows you to track where your sales are coming from. By using unique UTM’s across different listing websites, social media and advertisements you can see where your ticket holders have seen your event and ultimately understand in black and white where best to utilise your marketing budget and target your audience.

TicketText tech image 2.jpg