Last week we hit a milestone - 10,000 Facebook followers!  To celebrate we're releasing our new 'Buy Tickets' app on Facebook. It lets your customers buy tickets to your events direct from your Facebook page. 

How can I get this? 

Simple - follow the 7 steps below. 

  1. Head to the TicketText Facebook page here: - and 'like' us while you're there.
  2. Click 'Buy Tickets' just below the main TicketText cover image at the top - next to the 'About’ button.
  3. To the right of 'Tickets and Dates' click 'Install app on page’. Select your event page from the popup and the app should install. 
  4. When this is done, head to your page. Click the 'More' dropdown under the main cover image and click 'Manage tabs’, which will allow you to relocate the button.
  5. We'd recommend dragging the 'Buy Tickets' tab to the top as far as it will go (immediately below 'About') as this means the 'Buy Tickets' link will show on the page at the top. 
  6. When you've done this, click the 'Buy Tickets' button.
  7. Once the page has loaded, type your promoter ID in the box under 'Admin Settings' (get in touch with us if you're unsure of your promoter ID) and then click 'Save'. Wait a few moments and then click 'Buy Tickets' button again and you should see a list of events showing your events.

And that's it!

Planning an event?

Get in touch! We sell tickets for hundreds of promoters up and down the UK.  We offer great customer service, marketing support and low fees. e will manage your events for you.